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1. Made from fallen palm leaves, No chemicals used and no coating .
2. 100% Natural, Biodegradable and compostable.
3. Liquid and Heat Safe, Up to 2 minutes high on Microwave.
4. Durable and lightweight, can be used for both hot and cold food.
5. Perfect for wedding, party, events, restaurant and much more.

                    Palm leaf plates are made in love with nature. During the manufacturing of palm leaf plates, no trees are being cut. Made from handpicked fallen leaves from palm trees, without exposing to any chemicals or glues. Disposable party palm leaf plates and bowls can hold liquid and are heat safe. Palm leaf plates can be kept in microwave for 2 minutes in high temperature. Our palm leaf plates are disposable, environment-friendly and designed for contemporary use. These 9X5 inch rectangle palm leaf plates are suitable for Wedding, Retirement Parties, Birthday Celebrations, and all Indoor and Outdoor events.

Width: 6.6 in

Depth: 1.18 in

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